Writing The 5am Tango

So here's the thing, I know nothing about tangos, literally nada. My only real tango experience was that scene in Scent of a Woman where Al Pacino dances with Gabrielle Anwar. Maybe that hit me at a formative age, who knows. The fact of the matter is that despite this,

a tango has been written. By Me. 

This whole business began last December after a trip to Stoke Newington to retrieve my charango from the mighty Clive Carroll. The rest, as they say, is history. 

This does, however, tie in rather nicely. I had asked viewers of my YouTube channel what they might like to see more of. Their response was overwhelmingly weighted towards seeing behind the scenes of the writing process. I have spared you the long nights of the soul, the torment, the wild-eyed staring... Instead you get this. 

Until next time

Stay Tuned



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