Designing a Guitar with Martin Simpson - Rory Dowling (Taran Guitars)

Over the past few years Rory Dowling of Taran Guitars has been working on a very special new design with legendary UK guitarist Martin Simpson! Yes, really!

Taking inspiration from a 1930's Martin and Rory's Tirga Mhor design this beautiful instrument features some pioneering guitar building techniques...

in conjunction with its elegant lines. 

It's actually a year to the day that Rory appeared as my guest on the very first episode of Luthier Stories and it was a real pleasure to catch up with him for this impromptu video shot at a private gathering of the UK's Acousticati. I hope you enjoy it!

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PS. Yes, there were baked potatoes in the oven just out of shot hence the slight hum. They were delicious, it was worth it. 

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